Prattys BBQ Rub Large


Prattys BBQ Rub

We produce all our rubs, salts and herb blends right here in the UK, from the finest quality, freshest ingredients we can source. Prattys Original contain no artificial ingredients, and are all gluten and dairy free.

  • Mild Heat
  • All Meats including Fish
  • Marinates
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Chips / Potato wedges
  • Pizza Toppings

Prattys BBQ Rub (206g / 320ml) – The Ultimate Flavours – creating maximum flavour with every meal.


A perfect blend of sugar, salt and spices, loved by barbecue professionals and home cooks. All it takes is a shake and sprinkle of Prattys BBQ Rub to transform any dish. This rub works well on all meats and it’s unique sweet and salty flavour also compliments a large range of vegetables, dairy and fish. To bring out the maximum flavour, PRATTYS recommends use to season food when barbecuing.


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